My Executive Decision for 2014

I’ve made the executive decision to call it quits for a little while. Not cold-turkey quits, but pretty darn close, considering how busy I’ve been during the past few years. I have got to slow it down and enjoy life outside of photography for a while. I am a full-time teacher, mother, wife and friend. And I have found that Photography, even though it’s been a love of mine for years, it’s taken up my life more than I ever imagined it would. And I am so very thankful that that. I never thought I could get this far professionally.

I have been very blessed during the years as a Professional Photographer. I have met some very awesome people and have become close friends with others. I have grown in my profession over the years and I see that my ‘look’ has changed too. I have also gotten to live vicariously and return back to my dancing days working alongside an award winning dance team.

So as much as I would love to keep up with the many bookings as I’ve had, I’ve got to slow down and fall back in love with the craft of my heart. I am only going to book 1 session a month. With exception for the 3 months a year I work with the Emeralds.  When I first mentioned this change, I had one loyal client already take 3 months of 2014. After talking with a few other loyal Clients,  I am happy to say that I am booked for the entire year of 2014. So I am sorry if you were wanting to book me to capture your memories. I may find at times that I need to do more and I will announce that on my Facebook page.

I need to sit back and enjoy life. My son will be starting Basketball in January and I’d love to get my little girl into Dance. I want to fill my schedule doing things with my family and not sitting behind the computer constantly.

Policy changes.

Pricing won’t change for at least another year (Jan 2015) for those that are in my calendar.

If you are needing pictures taken, I can refer you to a few of my photography friends that share the same if not very similar style to mine.

IF, and it’s a big IF, I am available for a time that you may need, there would be an increased session fee of $80.

Turn-around time. Don’t expect a Personal Gallery to be up before 2 weeks. Prints/product in hand 2-4 weeks after the session date (unless notified of a delay).

I will put any other changes, updates or possible openings onto my Facebook page.

For the remaining days of 2013, I have 3 possibly 4 sessions to go before I call it quits/break-time!

Thanks to you all reading this. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t of grown so much.

Love you all.


PS- items on my previous blog are still for SALE. Prices posted or BEST OFFER.


Items for SALE!!!

I am in the process of consolidating and upgrading. I have 3 items currently I am trying to sell. Pricing is as is and if I were to have to ship it to you, then that cost will be added. If you are local- that would be fabulous!!!

Adobe Lightroom 3- $60 – (MAC) USED, in box- Serial Numbers included 🙂 (my new camera isn’t compatible with it anymore, or I’d still use it)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended- Student/Teacher Edition – $150.00- (MAC) USED, in box-Serial Numbers included.

Case Logic Laptop/Camera Backpack-$50 – USED, Great condition. (barely used and I’m just wanting something else)(Bag ONLY, no equipment in included 🙂


Some Changes to be Made

Nothing too big at the moment. I’ve had to change Print Labs. And I have just placed my first full order through them. I’m trying out a new paper option ‘DEEP MATTE’. The sample I received is amazing, so I can’t wait to see the prints I ordered in person. This will be added to my Photo Paper options. However, if you are a lover of Glossy- this option will no longer be available. I’m sorry. If you still want the glossy look, I’d recommend the Metallic option. I prefer it over regular Glossy. Lustre/Matte will still be a standard paper choice. As of right now, there will be an added upcharge for upgraded papers. Unless I do a blanket price/product change and offer everything at the same cost. If this becomes the choice, I will be sure to alert you of this particular change.

Custom Card options will stay what it is at the moment… I may have to take away what I just added to my product line. There again- I’ll let you know.

The process of changing labs was a tough one. I hate having to change something I was so familiar with. But I wanted to keep with the quality. In fact, I think I’ve upgraded labs. You will be receiving top quality when you order from me.

A Busy {GREAT} Week

I am a school teacher full-time. So I was looking forward to this time of year… SPRING BREAK!!! This year however was the first year in the 9 years I’ve been with my district that we had a different Spring Break than the town that I actually live in. Which, unfortunately my son attends school … (don’t get me wrong, great district for my children to attend, I am just in dis-agree-ence to the calendar difference 🙂

At first when I saw this difference, I was appalled. But then realized that I wouldn’t have to worry about childcare when I would want to try to book photo sessions. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

So I took advantage and went ahead and booked. I got 5 sessions booked during this Spring Break. Man has it been trying… along with doing the sessions I’ve been editing non-stop and still trying to enjoy having a ‘break’. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Not so much the body aches that have come along with these days. My body just isn’t as in shape as it used to, and the positions that us Photographers have to get into and carrying furniture- it has put a damper on my body.

The sessions consisted of 4 Senior Sessions and a 9mo session. Here are the images from the week. Enjoy! And if YOU need photos… let’s say next Spring Break check my calendar and I may just have an opening 🙂


to see more of these sessions you may find them on my Facebook Page


Going back… {PART 1}

I’ve been pondering what to say and where to begin with this blog series. I keep writing it in my head but could never get it out on ‘paper’. It all started when I wanted to do a Personal Photo Challenge (this will be a part of this series, so stay tuned).

The thought for the blog post began as I was packing up my art studio. My husband and I will be moving into a temporary environment soon. As I was packing up memories and ‘junk’ I came across some unused 35mm film from when I was in college. And I know for a fact I have a roll of undeveloped images, somewhere….

IMG_5522 IMG_5524

I took 3 Photography courses during my time in college. This was before the time of Digital. I borrowed my father’s 35mm Minolta Camera, and used mainly Black & White T-Max film. I had actually learned in high school how to role the film into canisters and how to add chemicals to process my film into negatives. But fell in love with this process later on in College. I don’t know what it was with spending hours on end in a dark room, with only a red light to see, but I was in love.

I started taking pictures of EVERYTHING… in the dead of winter during a mini-mester at UMHB (’96-’97). It was during an actual cold January in Texas. Mainly objects that didn’t move.






came my Senior year in college and I had to come up with an Artist’s statement and a theme. My theme was childhood. So everything I created had to stick to my theme. So then I had to start taking pictures of moving objects… children. And if you haven’t had a session with a child, it’s tough, but it’s a blast. I at the time didn’t have the advantage of digital like I do now. I didn’t get to ‘view’ my image and decide for a do over. I had to trust I got the shot, and find out later.


I did my first paid session and paid print order (made to order all myself) in the fall of 1999. I did a friend’s Bridal photos. I grew a great appreciation for the professionals.


After finding these unused rolls of film and finding imaging from those ‘ol days. It made me remember back to a Digital Photo challenge I read about. Going back old school, back to film days, but not literally. Which brings me to lead you into wanting to read my next blog.

So there is my tease… and this is the preview of the next in this series.


MachForm… how can they do it?

I have been searching and trying to figure out how to go ‘paperless’ for a while. Let’s face it, printer ink is expensive and these days, who wants to hand write anything… lol… And my bookkeeping isn’t the greatest. I’m being honest.

I took January off from sessions to add time to my research. I was able to listen to a podcast by a well known Photographer and Lawyer (Rachel Brenke) and she mentioned MachForm. I at first just jotted down the name (Moc Form is what I wrote) and then later I took a look. MachForms is a place where you can create online forms from scratch without having to know ‘code’. You buy a license for a ONE TIME FEE and you can create as many forms as you’d like. Too good to be true huh.


Here is an image of their site:


You simply download the Zip file and follow instructions or… get this…. THEY WILL INSTALL IT FOR YOU!!! That is right! They will install it. Now don’t do what I did and try to do it yourself, unless you are tech savy. But get this… THEY FIXED MY BOOBOOS!!!! Their Customer Service is AMAAAAAAZING!!!! I totally screwed up my hosting info and actually shut down my website. My heart was in a complete panic! They are so nice and have never made me feel stupid.

And it keeps all information filled out and submitted in an easy to read format, sends confirmation e-mails to clients, and allows for online signatures. If you want to try mine without submitting it you can 🙂 find it on my site

So I totally recommend MachForm for any online type of form you’d like to have. I am in the middle of creating an Order Form that I will simply add a link to in e-mails to my clients. Check out their examples! Here is a screenshot of my new Booking Form on my site.


Going back to my roots…{PREVIEW}

I have been thinking for the past few weeks as to what I could do to challenge the creativity to start running through my veins again. And the first challenge I will be giving myself, hopefully soon, will be sending me back in time. Luckily not too long ago 🙂 just back to my college days (17 years ago)

I will be discussing where I began with per suing Photography to getting my very first DSLR. You won’t want to miss it 🙂

IMG_55021 Here is a {LITTLE} preview to a some MACRO I’ve been able to capture. It’s too fun, but I am still learning the quirks of my equipment.



So be looking for it. You may find more of my MACRO and other images on my Facebook page and my website.

Angela Caddell Photos & Designs SITE


See you soon!!!!